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Find Out my name in Chinese using our free Chinese Translation Service to translate your name into Chinese

Tepson is a leading Chinese translation company providing Chinese translation services and Chinese translators or Chinese interpreters for English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation assignments for projects of any size in any subjects. 

If you are you looking for an international Chinese translation company, please try us. Whether your project is about Chinese translation or English to Chinese translation, or about providing you with a Chinese translator or a Chinese interpreter for a few days, or about free Chinese translation, or about Chinese web translation or Chinese software localization,  we can all help.

We deliver our Chinese translation services  via fax, email,  telephone, remote computer access and FTP. We can also provide Chinese English online translation such as the machine translation in the area of translation English to Chinese or translation Chinese to English..

We only focus on Chinese English translation. Our projects ( translation English to Chinese or translation Chinese to English) have been well received by our customers. We serve the Chinese translation industry diligently and believe that we are doing well in the following three areas: translation quality, project turnaround time and project cost. 

Quality English Chinese Translation Which Delivers!

When you work with Tepson.com, you get a professional Chinese translation company that covers all the bases with its Chinese translation and Chinese interpreting services. We focus on key factors that place emphasis on quality control, fast turnaround time and competitive cost, bringing real benefit to our customers.

We use a standard translation quality control process that is applied differently depending on the nature of the translation project itself. For example, in the case of Chinese software localization and Chinese website translation, our project control focuses on the product usability, compatibility and marketability of the end product in the Chinese speaking world.

For Chinese interpretation and Chinese voice-over services, we consider clarity of the Chinese pronunciation and take into account of the geographical background of the target audience. 

As regards Chinese patent translation services,  working together with the Chinese patent attorneys, we provide an  advanced quality service that combines Chinese patent lawyers with Chinese translators. 

When it comes to Chinese multimedia translation and Chinese desktop publishing services, we use the advanced digital technologies to ensure that our product conforms to clients' requirement. We can handle all your Chinese and English Desktop Publishing needs. We support Mac and IBM platforms and work with a variety of DTP software such as QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker and many others. 

For our Chinese proofreading and editing services, like any other services, such as Chinese subtitling services or Chinese transcription services, we use only native speakers with professional subject knowledge, ensuring that our services are satisfactory to you. 

Free Chinese Translation Which Helps!

If you are interested in our free Chinese translation services, we can provide you with free Chinese name translation / English Chinese name translation, Chinese symbol translation, Chinese character translation, Chinese letter translation, Chinese word translation, Chinese alphabet translation, Chinese tattoo translation, Chinese calligraphy translation and Chinese writing translation. We make good use of our in-house English Chinese translation software and a proprietary Chinese translation program to help us with our work in this area.

Online Chinese Translation or Chinese Interpreting

As far as our Chinese English online translation is concerned, we offer two kinds of services. You can upload your Chinese translation work to our Chinese Translation Services FTP Server or via any other standard digital means,  where it will be processed either in real-time or in accordance with your requirement by our specialist Chinese translators or Chinese interpreters. Alternatively, we also offer free online Chinese translation. For our Chinese English free online translation work, we normally provide you with a custom web interface,  where you can cut and paste your text directly into the interface for instant Chinese translation services.

Fast Chinese Translation Project Turnaround Time

We have one of the largest number of in-house native Chinese translation professionals covering a variety of key subject areas. This workforce, strengthened by a large base of our freelance Chinese translators, can ensure that we can meet your Chinese translation project needs in the following areas without difficulty:

  • Chinese software translation and localization
  • Chinese interpretation
  • Chinese voice-over
  • Chinese patent service
  • Chinese translation in any subject areas
  • Chinese desktop publishing (Chinese DTP)
  • Chinese proofreading and editing
  • Chinese  multimedia services
  • Chinese subtitling 
  • Chinese transcription 

There are Cost Effective Chinese Translation Companies...

And Then There’s a Budget Chinese translation company - Tepson.com

If you have been comparing Chinese translation company, you may have noticed that prices vary greatly from company to company. You may be tempted to select a company based on the pricing factor alone.

If you are looking for top Chinese translation, Chinese software and Chinese web localization, Chinese patent, Chinese DTP and multimedia services, contact us for a free quotation on Chinese translation project.

Call us now on:  +44(0)161 700 1435 or +44(0)118 308 0273 or send your email to admin@tepson.com or tepson@orange.net for all your Chinese to English translation or English to Chinese translation needs.

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